Cutting Line

Cutting Line 2.49

Cutting Line is based on unique high-speed algorithm
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Cutting Line is intended for optimal cutting of linear stocks into linear parts of different lengths. It can be used in wood-working, pulp and paper industry, metal cutting, clothing manufacturing, etc.
The program is based on unique high-speed algorithm that enables getting perfect layout with minimal waste.
Main features:
- determine arbitrary number of material preparations and parts for layout;
- specify stocks and parts with different material type (name of material and pattern);
- set different level of calculation;
- set kerf width value;
- specify different types of material;
- mark offcuts;
- take stock of materials and remnants;
- calculate total parts' area, kerf length, remnants area, etc;
- save data as a project;
- add saved project to new calculation;
- save and open layouts;
- view and print layouts either in graphic or grid forms.

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